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What Makes Togo’s Different?

Our sandwiches are bigger, and so are our sales

How do you define value? If you’re a guest, you can define value as “the least expensive” or you can define it as “the best.” As someone considering investing in a franchise restaurant, you have the same choice. Togo’s startup costs range from $274,000 to $508,700, a modest sum for a fast-casual restaurant, and our average unit volume is above average for the segment. Our same-store sales have grown for six consecutive years, and our experienced management team continues to refine the business model, finding new ways to maximize revenue and the bottom line

What sets Togo’s apart for guests?

Togo’s sets itself apart from other sub franchises by offering big, fresh, meaty sandwiches and one-on-one service — both of which guests enjoy.

A typical Togo’s sandwich is stuffed with meats and cheeses, which gives our sandwiches a high protein content that satisfies the biggest appetites. The generous serving makes our sandwiches big, juicy, and savory.


We also use top-tier fresh ingredients that burst with flavor. For instance, our premium pastrami is made using beef knuckle, a cut of meat that is renowned for its leanness, beefy flavor and our own blend of proprietary spices. Does it cost a little extra? Yes. Do guests notice the difference and love us for it? Goodness, yes.

We’re picky about our ingredients — whether we’re talking about premium pastrami, fresh Haas avocados smashed daily in the kitchen, low-sodium turkey breast, all-natural chicken without antibiotics or preservatives, or artisan bread. The quality of our ingredients and the flavor they impart are some of the reasons guests are so picky about getting their sandwiches at Togo’s. They know they’ll be eating something special, and they’re willing to pay a little more for that quality.

What sets us apart for franchise candidates?

Togo’s puts huge emphasis on training, because exceptional service is a big part of what makes our sub shop franchises special. Franchisees can expect regular contact from business consultants who will help them and their managers look for ways to improve operations and boost financial performance.

At the same time, Togo’s uses its company-owned and operated restaurants as a laboratory. As new limited-time-offer menu items are being developed, Togo’s will check to see how easy it is to stock ingredients and prepare the items in its restaurants. Is there room to stock the necessary ingredients, even in smaller refrigerators? Does the item require too much prep space? Here’s another example: Togo’s recently tested new labor models in its restaurants to see if it could cut down on hourly labor costs without impacting service. It’s one of many efforts that are constantly underway to increase profitability for franchisees. If an idea from Togo’s management doesn’t work out, our company restaurants take the bumps and bruises. When an idea is a success, we share it with all our franchisees. 


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