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What is a Togo’s Franchise?

Sandwich franchise sets itself apart with big, fresh, meaty sandwiches, one-on-one service, and fun culture

Togo’s is a West Coast original, with an emphasis on quality ingredients and friendly service that has set us apart in the restaurant industry — especially within the fast-casual sandwich segment. Most of our sandwich franchise locations are in California, and we are rapidly expanding in the western U.S. with nearly 300 open and under development.

Togo’s was started in San Jose in 1971 by a young college student with a big appetite and a little money. He bought a small sandwich shack, where he started making sandwiches the way he liked them — big, made-to-order, and stuffed with fresh ingredients. Before long there were lines out the door. We began franchising in the late 1970s and have developed a loyal fan base that continues to grow.

Big, fresh, meaty sandwiches

Our deli franchises have sold millions of sandwiches

One reason guests love Togo’s is our commitment to great meat and lots of it! Our 6-inch sandwiches have more meat than most competitors put on a sandwich twice as long. We also use fresh, high-quality ingredients — including artisan breads, Haas avocados that we crush daily (to the tune of more than 4 million avocados a year), fresh veggies, and choice cuts of meats. Our turkey is all-white meat, and our premium pastrami comes from a specific cut of meat called the beef knuckle, which is lean and has an especially satisfying, meaty flavor. Is it a little more expensive than what is usually used to make premium pastrami? Yes. Do guests love it? Goodness, yes.

Our food costs a little more, but we provide a great value by serving meals that guests enjoy much more than what they can get from competitors. There’s no better marketing than a guest who walks out the door impressed and brings a crowd of friends with them the next day.

Our sandwich franchise: West Coast, laid back, one-on-one service

Togo's sandwich franchise

Togo’s sandwich franchises are not a sandwich assembly line. Our sandwiches are custom-built, one at a time, for each guest. Our service is what you might find at a traditional deli, with the deli worker greeting you with a smile, listening to your order from behind the counter, then quickly crafting your custom-made sandwich. Want a little more mustard, more onions, or a touch of Italian dressing? No problem!

Togo’s has a lot of regular guests, and it doesn’t take long to start to recognize the regulars and get to know them, their friends, and their families.

A fun-loving culture

Togo’s runs a smart business, and part of running a great business is creating an environment and a culture that team members enjoy. Togo’s sandwich franchises are attractive and lively, with upbeat music and a West Coast flair for casual sophistication. We have a friendly atmosphere that resonates with employees, and employees’ attitude resonates with guests.

Think about the joyless sandwich shops that you have visited in the past, where you are herded along like a tin can on a factory assembly line. Were you greeted warmly or met with a smile? Probably not.

‘The most enjoyable part’ of Togo’s culture is…

Now consider these reviews of Togo’s on Indeed.com, a site job seekers use to find work and compare employers. These reviews are from former employees, offering advice about what it’s like to work at Togo’s.

“Togo’s Sandwiches was a great experience. Each day held a new story or new memory. My co-workers were always filled with laughter and awesome personalities. The manager was very trustworthy with each employee. He depended on his team to get the job done. The most enjoyable part was meeting and building a business relationship with each guest.”

— Former Employee, Pasadena, CA

“I loved working for Togo’s. The environment was perfect for my personality. I was able to talk to guests as I prepared their meals and work with people I can now call friends. Guests come in and order from our menu. We then prepare their food right there for them. We served sandwiches, salads, wraps, and soups. I loved bonding with my co-workers and talking to the guests. After you start working there awhile, you begin to recognize regulars and form relationships with them, as well.”

— Former Employee, Corvallis, OR

If employees love being there, just imagine how guests feel.


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