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Togo’s Franchise Ownership FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Togo’s sandwich franchise for sale

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Q. What are the minimum financial requirements to qualify?
A. A minimum net worth of $300,000 with at least $150,000 liquid for a single Togo’s restaurant development. For Area Development territories for three or more restaurants, a minimum net worth of $900,000 with at least $450,000 liquid.

Q. How much will it cost to build a Togo’s franchise?
A. Costs vary greatly due to the store size, age of the building, and regional restrictions. Investment ranges are between $274,000 and $508,700.

Q. Does Togo’s offer financing?
A. To help fuel our growth, Togo’s offers new and existing franchisees access to financing for qualified candidates.

Own your own sub franchise with Togo'sQ. How much money can I expect to make?
A. Togo’s provides financial performance representations in our FDD (Item 19). However, profitability will depend considerably upon the franchisee’s ability to manage the day-to-day operations and finances, as well as factors specific to each location — such as occupancy, local store marketing costs, labor costs, and the potential for sales.

Q. What is the royalty fee?
A. Five (5%) percent of your gross sales.

Q. What is the marketing fee?
A. Togo’s currently collects three (3%) percent of your gross sales; however, the franchise agreement allows for the flexibility to increase the advertising fee, not to exceed a total of 5%.

Q. What is the typical Togo’s restaurant size?
A. The typical store size is 1,200 to 1,800 square feet.

Q. How many seats does a typical Togo’s restaurant have?
A. 15-30 interior, 10-15 exterior

Q. How is my site evaluated?
A. You are responsible for finding a location that meets the site criteria of Togo’s. We work closely with you in the site selection process.

Q. When can I expect to be profitable?
A. It varies by location and market, as well as franchisee management. We cannot predict earnings or profitability for you.

Q. How involved am I in the development and construction process?
A. You will work closely with our design and construction resources in selecting architects, contractors, and equipment vendors. Togo’s will keep in close contact so that we can monitor the progress of the developing location.

Q. Can I build multiple sandwich franchise locations?
A. Yes! We encourage potential franchisees to develop and operate multiple locations.

Eat well with your own Togo's franchise!Q. Who will train me to operate a Togo’s?
A. We have a training team that offers a comprehensive four-week training program that includes management training and certification and brand training.

Q. After my restaurant is up and running, what kind of support will I receive?
A. Our Franchise Business Consultants (FBCs) and Regional Marketing Managers (RMMs) are in place to provide you with the required assistance.

Q. Is there an elected franchisee advisory council?
A. Yes. It consists of elected franchisee members who perform advisory services to the Togo’s management team.


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