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Meet Rose – a Togo’s Franchisee

What’s it like to own a Togo’s?

Rose Le knows what success looks like. Her mom came to the United States from Vietnam and built a successful jewelry business to support her family. Now, it’s Rose’s turn. The former stay-at-home mom joined Togo’s several years ago and worked under another franchisee in a restaurant in Mountain View, California. Before long, she bought that location. The building is a smartly converted Pizza Hut on a busy corner with great parking, and it retains the telltale roofline from its former life. On the inside it bursts with energy and good vibes.

Rose and her husband now own five Togo’s and have their eyes on future growth. (Her husband calls her the “Boss.”) She has very little turnover in staff and boasts a flood of regular guests. Her restaurants prosper, and she’s grown big enough to have a dedicated marketing person who works on increasing her catering business. She’s a model franchise owner.

“I love Togo’s — I eat our sandwiches every day, and my kids even take Togo’s to school,” Rose said. “I was eating them before we bought the first one.

“This is the dining room area, which fits about 50 people,” she says during a tour. “For a typical lunch, we have about 160 to 180 guests coming through our line. Today we were very busy in the morning; we had four catering orders with two deliveries and two pick-ups. We are getting ready for the lunch rush.”

During a typical lunch, she says, people line up all the way to the door while six crew members take orders and make sandwiches. Rose works the register and keeps guests flowing through during their lunch breaks.


One of the things she loves about being a Togo’s owner is the flexibility it gives her to be both “mom” and “boss.” It takes plenty of work, but she likes being able to balance business and family life, and her kids like having Togo’s sandwiches in their lunch bags every day. (Amanda loves her Togo’s turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich, and Kevin usually picks roast beef and ham and cheese.)

Rose works with her team to prep catering orders in the morning and to get ready for the lunch rush. She checks inventory, orders ingredients and supplies, and stays on top of hiring and training.

She says “working with the crews, working with the community,” are what she likes best about what she does. She hires people with big smiles and sunny personalities, and she helps them learn to make accurate orders and provide great guest service. It’s great life training for her employees and a nice working environment for her.

Rose Le, franchisee

“It’s just interactive. I’m a people person, so I love that about being an owner,” she says.

She also appreciates the systems and support she gets from Togo’s headquarters and field support teams.

“With Togo’s we have a lot of support. You’re never really alone. If you need help, you just make a phone call. You get the help that you need. We also get good support from training staff.

“It’s very rewarding at the end of the day.”


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