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How Do I Get Customers?

Togo’s offers extensive marketing support to franchisees

As sandwiches become an increasingly popular choice for American consumers, with 94% of consumers eating at least one sandwich every week according to Technomic, the market is flooded with competition. Fortunately, Togo’s knows the importance of building a solid customer base before our franchise owners even open their doors, and our first-rate marketing program is designed to help our owners thrive in their markets.


We have developed a proven model to attract guests to our restaurants, no matter where our restaurants are opening. We work on your behalf to ensure that your grand opening makes a huge splash in your community, and we take care of all of your marketing for the first three to six months that you’re in business. In other words, our owners don’t have to worry about anything outside of their own four walls as they get into the groove of managing their Togo’s sandwich franchise.

After the first three to six months, we walk our owners through a transition period where we hand over the reins for their marketing program. This period includes intensive individualized coaching and continual training on a wide range of marketing topics.

This is how we set you up for success:

Grand-opening plan

As popular as sandwiches are with American consumers everywhere, we recognize the importance of making your location a big hit with your market right away. To do this, our grand-opening planning process starts about three months before the opening of your new restaurant. Together with your regional marketing manager, you will develop a customized marketing plan based on how much traffic is in your area.

togos_colorado_springs, marketingFrom there, we develop a template for success to generate a big splash at your grand opening. One proven strategy is to give away 1,000 premium pastrami sandwiches on opening day. This giveaway generates huge lines on your first day in business — with some potential free publicity from print, television, and radio outlets — and it helps to create tremendous buzz about your business. Perhaps the most important aspect of the giveaway, though, is that consumers have to register to get the free sandwich, which instantly creates a substantial database of guests to whom you can market going forward through our Loyalty Rewards Program.

After the success of your grand opening, the Togo’s corporate office takes care of everything needed to market the restaurant in your area for the first three to six months. We develop a week-by-week promotional schedule as we work to grow guest base, utilizing incremental public relations efforts combined with social media campaigns and traditional media outlets.

Togo’s manages grand opening marketing on behalf of our franchisees. Franchise owners pay a grand-opening fee to cover the cost of marketing materials and direct marketing costs, and our team executes the mutually developed plan on their behalf. That allows owners to focus on running their restaurants and delivering a great experience to the rush of new guests.

We then continue to work with you to grow your offsite sales and walk-in business.

Building catering sales

marketing event

Togo’s franchise owners need to cultivate the catering aspect of their business because it adds an important secondary revenue stream. To develop catering business, we encourage our owners to reach out to local businesses and organizations. We encourage them to drop in on local businesses with paper menus and free sandwiches. We also do a lot of school lunch programs, bringing sandwiches to soccer meets and football games. We wholeheartedly believe that once people try our high-quality sandwiches — once the food is in their mouths — their feet will bring them back.

Ongoing marketing efforts

Every Togo’s franchise owner works with a regional marketing manager who is dedicated to make their restaurant a success. Once the collaborative marketing plan is built, the regional marketing manager develops and places advertising and works with our social and digital team to make sure postings are up on an ongoing basis.

After the restaurant has found its footing in the community, there is a transition period where we train our owners and connect them with their community marketing program, in order to ensure our owners understand the brand and the intensive system-wide marketing that is going on.

We use a range of tools to reach guests and keep them coming back, including TV and radio commercials, online digital and social media, direct mail, email marketing, freestanding inserts, and in-store point of purchase promotional materials. We also encourage franchisees to engage with their communities by using Togo’s as a platform for fundraisers, by rewarding local students who get good grades, and by building community partnerships.

We recognize the importance of targeting specific demographics. For example, our longtime fans, whom we call our Heritage Customers, are people who know and love Togo’s. We have a marketing budget that allows us to reach our Heritage Customers through traditional media. We are also focused on winning over the Millennial generation. We do this by actively engaging them where they are: on social media. We have 100,000 people on our Facebook page, and that number is growing every day. We have active Twitter and Instagram accounts, and we regularly update our YouTube content.


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