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How Big is the Demand for Sandwiches?

Sandwich shop franchises generate $22 billion in annual sales, and they’re growing

Our pastrami is just one reason we're one of the top sandwich franchises around

Togo’s is part of a huge and fast-growing segment of the food industry. Sandwich shop franchises generated $22 billion in sales in 2015, according to IBISWorld research, and that number continues to climb.

Fast-casual sandwich category is soaring

Togo’s has seen six consecutive years of same-store sales growth as consumers rush to embrace higher-quality ingredients, better service, and more customization.

Technomic also reports that 94% of consumers eat at least one sandwich a week. That works out to 300 million sandwiches a week — more than 15 billion sandwiches a year — but that’s a low estimate. Many people eat three or four sandwiches a week, not just one. And why not? They are quick, convenient, portable, endlessly customizable, and delicious.

demand: industry revenue

What makes Togo’s different from other top sandwich franchises

Sandwiches can also be quite healthy. One of the things that sets Togo’s apart is our insistence on using the best ingredients in our sandwiches. Our chicken is 100% natural, we use 100% breast meat for our turkey, and we only use lean cuts of beef for our premium pastrami. We also slice our meats daily in the store, which allows us to serve the meat to guests fresh and without the need for a lot of extra sodium to act as a preservative.

Guests will pay for quality

While we offer a $6 daily deal to bring in young guests and those who may be temporarily strapped for cash, most of our meals are above $7, and premium sandwiches can be close to $10. Guests are happy to pay, because in addition to providing superior ingredients that taste great, our sandwiches are big and meaty, with much more protein than you’ll find elsewhere. That makes the sandwiches satisfying.


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