You’re not in this alone: Togo's can provide all the support you need

You’re not in this alone

Posted Oct 12th, 2016

Want help growing a sandwich business? Meet Togo’s Franchise Business Consultants, your support team for success

When Sunny Chahal bought an existing Togo’s franchise in Antioch, California, he faced a bit of an uphill challenge. As excited as he was to join our iconic West Coast brand, he had never owned a restaurant before. Chahal knew he needed help growing a sandwich business, and he knew he needed it quickly.

His store was underperforming before he even stepped in. It was also understaffed, and the staff that was there had never been properly trained to Togo’s team standards, so hospitality was lacking. To top it all off, Chahal lived over 60 miles away, and such a long commute became even more onerous with all the hours he was putting in.

Enter Franchise Business Consultant, Alan Dorsey. Togo’s Franchise Business Consultants (FBCs) are part of our ongoing support team in place to help our franchisees succeed. As Sunny’s FBC, Dorsey could provide guidance, coaching and strategies to get things moving in the right direction.

“I let Sunny know that it was going to take an all-out effort for at least the first year to get the restaurant where it needed to be,” Dorsey says. “And the more sweat he put into the restaurant, ultimately, the greater his results would be.”

Togo's sandwich franchise - outside view
Togo’s has experienced six consecutive years of same-store sales growth. We provide as much support as possible so our franchisees can help us maintain that success.

The FBC’s role

To achieve success in the restaurant business, you have to be all in. And that means Togo’s FBCs are available 24-7. Renny Freet, Togo’s Vice President of Franchise Operations, says every Franchise Business Consultant is crucial in terms of helping take franchisees to the next level in terms of understanding the business and increasing sales and transactions.

“The No. 1 thing they do is protect the brand,” says Freet. “The FBCs have to be incredibly well-rounded with a wide spectrum of skills and competencies. Operational knowhow is just one element of what they have to be good at. They are full-service — they help with business planning, marketing, team-building, every aspect of operations.”

They are relationship-builders, each one working with about 25 to 30 franchisees, so they have to be great communicators, too. “They are really special people,” Freet says. “And our franchisees are really special people. There’s a standard way of doing business at Togo’s, and our franchisees deserve the kind of attention and coaching they get from our FBCs to achieve that standard of excellence. Their FBC’s perspective on how to do that is invaluable.”

A big financial boost

Togos - Sandwich Franchise
Franchisee Sunny Chahal reduced food costs by 4% through retraining on portioning, stronger inventory controls and food waste management.

Dorsey knew the first thing Chahal had to do to turn things around was be closer to his Togo’s. “Initially, I knew if Sunny had to make the 120-mile round-trip daily, he would wear out quickly,” Dorsey says. “I suggested he rent something closer to the restaurant to ease the commute. This enabled Sunny to be highly visible and available on a variety of different days and times of the day. It gave him a keener sense of awareness as to what was going on in the restaurant at all times.”

Together, they tackled staffing, hiring new members of the team and reviewing policies and procedures. Some of the old staff didn’t care for how Chahal was raising the bar, but that was fine with Dorsey. “Sunny worked hard and drove the standards,” Dorsey says. “We embraced the concept of ‘tough on standards, easy on people.’ As we expected, after we started to introduce change and enforce Togo’s standards, a few of the team members quit. Sunny was proactive in replacing them. The ones that ended up staying appreciated the changes as they saw a new attitude and direction in the restaurant.”

Guests noticed, too, and there was an instant spike in sales and transactions. But Chahal wasn’t satisfied, so he worked hard to network with local businesses and introduced Togo’s catering services. “This showed immediate results,” Dorsey says. “In the first year, Sunny increased sales in the restaurant a whopping 15%! During our Business Review Meeting, we set a new goal of increasing restaurant sales 15% the second year, and he accomplished that.”

Dorsey was especially proud when Chahal purchased a second Togo’s nearby and says that store is experiencing double-digit sales increases every month.

“Sunny is passionate about his business, and that trickles down to his team,” Dorsey says. “I have spent a lot of time working with and helping Sunny, but as a Franchise Business Consultant that makes me look good, and more important, makes Togo’s better.”

Learn more about Togo’s

Investing in even a long-time successful sandwich franchise like Togo’s is a big decision. Knowing you’ll have help growing a sandwich business once you sign on the dotted line makes that decision a whole lot easier. We’re actively seeking new franchisees to help us expand our West Coast presence. Please fill out the form to download our free franchise report to start a conversation. For more information about our brand, please explore our research pages.

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