How Togo’s stands out among food franchise opportunities

How Togo’s stands out among food franchise opportunities

Posted Oct 31st, 2016

We provide the best possible quality to guests and the lowest possible costs to franchisees

Togo's Franchise Pastrami on Artisan Bread
Your eyes are not deceiving you; that really is over a quarter-pound of our proprietary-recipe premium pastrami piled high on the #9.

We figured out early on how to balance maintaining the quality of our sandwiches and maximizing profits for our franchisees. It’s the sort of thing that makes our 45-year-old iconic West Coast brand stand out among food franchise opportunities.

The secret to our formula is really just a matter of prioritizing what’s important to our brand. When guests think of Togo’s, they envision our big, fresh, meaty sandwiches. When franchise candidates think of Togo’s, we want them to envision a franchise brand that strives hard everyday to keep their success top-of-mind.

Every time someone orders a #9 at Togo’s, the classic pastrami sandwich that has been a guest favorite since we started serving them in 1971, they end up with more than a quarter pound — 4.8 ounces — of our proprietary-recipe premium pastrami piled high on our fresh-baked artisan bread.

Behind that cult-favorite sandwich are decades of vendor relationships that shore up our ability to keep food costs down for our sandwich franchise opportunities.

Longevity is key

Rose & Shore is one of our most important vendors. They supply that amazing premium pastrami that so many people associate with our brand. One of Rose & Shore’s representatives spoke during our convention in 2016; it was his father, in fact, who first came up with our pastrami recipe.

“Costs are very important, but what we really value are long-term relationships with our vendors,” says Leslie Dean, Director of Supply Chain for Togo’s. “It’s one of the things we feel is really important here at Togo’s. We really believe in strategic partnerships with our vendors.”

The longer we work with a vendor, the more they understand the complexities of our business, which helps us maintain our standards of quality while still looking out for the franchisee.

“Our philosophy is to secure the lowest price for the longest amount of time. That allows our franchisees to plan on their pricing and achieve profitability for extended periods of time, not just this month,” says Dean. “It creates stability at the restaurant level but also lends itself to guest stability, because they’re not coming in and seeing changes in pricing.”

Togo's Franchise catering box and sandwhiches
Catering provides another revenue stream for Togo’s franchise owners, who can make the most of the opportunity thanks to our ongoing efforts to keep food costs low.

Learn more about Togo’s

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to food franchise opportunities. We want to help you understand why Togo’s should be on your short list. We’re committed to providing our guests with high-quality sandwiches, to ensuring our franchisees can count on controlled food costs and to growing our brand in a way that’s strategic and thoughtful. We’re actively seeking new franchisees to help us expand our West Coast presence. If you’d like to learn more, please explore our research pages. To start a conversation, please fill out the form to download our free franchise report, and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

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